1. methedup77

    animals Alligator vs Methhead. Rd. 1

  2. msr

    Grady JUdd and more drugs

  3. Bethy šŸ”„

    bizarre Googballs Is The New Combo

    Goofballs" are hitting San Francisco hard. It's a combination of Meth + Fentanyl and the reaction is wild. Enough is enough, we are losing a generation... or gaining a new form of urban ballet.
  4. Donkeyd

    bizarre Barber smokes meth while cutting kids hair

    kids face is precious hahaha
  5. OHubbard93

    Meth is Bad Kids Mmm'kay

  6. Ralph666

    24yr old meth head mutilates B/F, leaves mother to find body... or parts of..

    Bitch be Crazy Reason # 47735 not to use meth etc It's one of those articles that reminds the reader that there is no good in this world and that only really bad things happen to really big assholes.. If you pause it when the police report is cited you can get a decent idea of what...