1. Cold Ethyl

    Reached a boiling point’: 16-year-old girl allegedly kills mom and mom’s younger boyfriend

    Reached a boiling point’: 16-year-old girl allegedly kills mom and mom’s younger boyfriend over couple’s age gap and teen’s gender transition A teenage Florida girl is being held in juvenile detention but could be charged as an adult after admitting to killing her mother and her mother’s much...
  2. sakibesp

    Funny shiza

  3. Cold Ethyl

    Mum lived with corpses of three children to keep claiming benefits for party lifestyle

    A mum-of-five has been arrested after she was allegedly living with the bodies of her dead children - in order to keep claiming benefits to fund her party lifestyle. The woman, only identified as Daria, reportedly kept the corpses inside the filthy flat in the town of Velikiye Luki, in...
  4. Cold Ethyl

    19-year-old booked with fatally shooting mother

    The charges at the end is what got me . A 19-year-old male is in custody after his mother was found fatally shot at a residence outside of Ponchatoula early Tuesday (Sept. 26) morning. Sheriff Daniel Edwards said that Jonathan Payne Kliebert placed a 911 call around 1:45 a.m. saying he...
  5. Cold Ethyl

    Mom allowed and watched as 48-year-old boyfriend repeatedly raped 7-year-old daughter over several months

    A 48-year-old man and his 43-year-old girlfriend in Tennessee have been arrested for allegedly committing a series of horrific sex crimes against a little girl under the age of 10 over the course of nearly a year. William Joe Beene III, of Sequatchie County, and Brandon Sloan “Brandy” Hawkins...
  6. girl101

    Police Teenage problems

    This should be a mandatory PSA for future parents because there future kids might turn out to be a worthless good for nothing like this kid.this would save them alot of heart ache, time and money If she really wanted to die she should ran out in traffic then. I am so happy I don't have kids.
  7. Donkeyd

    fights Where's the gofundme account so I can donate to hiring a hitman?

    If that was my mom they'd be pieces of her found throughout the country....I have absolutely no back story to this.
  8. Deadkennedy

    War Russian Mother's Day has mom's protesting the war

    A group of mothers of Russian soldiers joined an activist group demanding the withdrawal of Moscow’s troops from Ukraine as they launched an online petition Sunday. Organized by the Russian Feminist Anti-War Resistance group, chose Mother’s Day in Russia to launch the petition on
  9. Tooly

    Zachary Davis killed mom with sledgehammer.

    A Tennessee teenager on trial for murder says he killed his mother with a sledgehammer because she knew he had been raped by his older brother and did nothing about it. Zachary Davis was fifteen when he bludgeoned his mother's skull 12 times as she slept and then set his family home ablaze in...