morgue photos

  1. Vasto7

    Introduction to Forensic Pathology

    Introduction to Forensic Pathology This is a Forensic Pathologists' collection of images and descriptions. Collection of blood from the femoral region (groin) is the preferred site for postmortem toxicology testing. The classic “Y-shaped” incision used during the performance of an autopsy The...
  2. Nex

    Morgue mix *high quality photos*

    Just a handful of morgue photos, something different to share. Photos included here from a disinterment, buried 25-26 years, Carbon monoxide poisoning, skydiving accident, gas heater explosion, basic partial skull reconstruction from a helicopter accident.
  3. DeathHand

    Nigerian Lass Dead In Russia

    This young Nigerian woman was apparently working as a maid in Russia. The story is that she was tortured and murdered by her male boss who wanted to have sex with her. The police dept.'s report back to the woman's family stated that the woman, Tonia, had died as the result of an " accident"...