murder suicide

  1. Ralph666

    Texas man kills self after fatally shooting four, including his 8-year-old niece

    This bold eliminator of life is Alrick “Shawn” Barrett. He killed his ex wife, her brother, sister and 8 yr old niece. Grandma let him in 7 am Sunday morning, he had an argument with the ex and 4 more idiots are dead. Then he killed himself. Gotta love someone who's willing to make dying a...
  2. CowDozer

    Murder-Suicide in Orange Beach by Cullman County Sheriff’s Deputy

    Alicia Tierra White, 23, was one of the kindest people you’d ever meet. She was in a relationship with Kenny Booth, 28 of Hayden, AL. These two met while working for the same law enforcement crew. She was the lead shift supervisor for the dispatch department and had avidly worked to get where...
  3. Dr. Johnny Fever

    Boyfriend Throws New Girlfriend Off Balcony Then Jumps While Police & EMS Were On Scene (no gore)

    The story seems to be that the guy had bound the hands & feet of his new GF then pitched her off the balcony. Cops & EMS arrive, check things and then make their way up to the unit where they think the woman came from. As they were attempting entry the dude pulled a half gainer off the same...