1. djdeeds

    Body parts in bags ...

    "The grizzly discovery has even shocked Mexicans" BAAAA Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha I'm still fucking laughing at that line :lulz: You can't make this shit up .. :lulz: apparently they are waiting for an "Institute" to confirm it's body parts LMFAO.
  2. Maleficent

    bizarre They Really Wanted Him Dead

  3. Sgt.Stupid

    Bang Bang Bang and a bunch of screaming bitches

  4. D.O.A.

    beatings Road rage never ends well

  5. Maleficent

    bizarre He Tried To Hide Behind His Gf To Avoid Shots
  6. ‐YaG_ToG_GaF‐

    murder Man kills mother and claims she committed suicide.

    Seems like he may have threw her off the building. 🙁
  7. defiedlight500

    Your most prolific serial killer in your opinion

    I know what Google and just the entire web says about serial killers, but I’d like to know who in your opinion is the most prolific serial killer. Feel free to post some links that I can dive into and read about.
  8. Baltazarus

    Serious Belgrade mass school shooting (8 dead, 6 injured)

    K.K killed eight children and once security guard in "Vladislav Ribnikar" school, in Belgrade. A 13-year-old boy opened fire in a classroom in an apparently planned attack that killed eight children and a school security guard and injured a further six pupils as well as his teacher. Police...
  9. Maleficent

    bizarre Hitman Surprises Group