1. Maybe Maggot

    Beheaded With a Blunt Machete

    Sharpen your tools Brazil.
  2. Syko5150

    Girls killed

  3. C

    Would you murder someone? How and Why

    Personally, I think I could kill someone. I've never really hurt anyone really bad, but if I hated someone with enough passion, killing them wouldn't be a problem at all. I'd make it simple, ambush them and gun them down. maybe I'd say something to them or let them see me before I shoot them. An...
  4. Walter E Kurtz

    Just a collection of corpses/gore in long-range timeline. Add more if you'd like.

    So, I've been bored and looking at stuff. Figured "why myself & not share the fun"? Edmund Kemper victims (maybe). Just some photos. I can milk these tits. Succulent soup. (sponsored by Head & Shoulders anti-dandruff shampoo). A real set of badonkers.
  5. Hel

    Some guy tried to attack a Mosque in Bærum, Norway

    At the mosque he injured one person but was apprehended by a 75 year old man before he could do anymore damage, at his home address the Police also found the body of a young woman(according to the police; a close relation of the attacker) whom he most likely killed before going on the rampage...
  6. necrolord

    27-year-old saleswoman Shot Dead Six Times by Angry Boyfriend

    Police in Brazil are searching for a man who shot dead his girlfriend six times. She was called Maria and was only 27 years old. Her brother told police his sister's boyfriend was violent and was married and the family received threats from his wife.
  7. necrolord

    24-year-old Russian Girl Found Murdered in Moscow Apartment

    24-year-old Ekaterina Symochkina was found murdered in Moscow apartment a few days ago. She was naked and stuffed in a suitcase with throat slit. She was a medical student and active blogger with more than 80,000 followers on her instagram page. Kati K. ??‍♀️ (@katti_loves_life) • Instagram...
  8. Walter E Kurtz

    Anatoly Yemelianovich Slivko . A sadistic torturer (murderer) of children.

    Anatoly Yemelianovich Slivko Is/was a High-Member of a Club Scout for boys, in that time he recorded and photographed young boys being hung, strangled & tortured. The entire description (via LiveLeak) of his 21-year activity are documented and described on a link. The video is disturbing and...
  9. Maybe Maggot

    Killed to Death

    Gun jamming, stray dog, blunt machete.. Brazil methinks.
  10. cadaver1

    Executed on the street

    Gay sex leads to murder.

  12. Walter E Kurtz

    12 year old boy strangled and cut in half over a gaming quarrel.

    Daniel Felipe Petry was born in 1991 in Blumenau, Santa Catarina (Brazil). Since he was a child he was a rebellious, aggressive boy and he reacted with unusual violence at the slightest provocation. He was under psychiatric treatment, but he always abandoned the therapies. His refuge was...
  13. cadaver1

    Former cop swine killed
  14. cadaver1


    Teen assassin at work
  15. cadaver1

    Mr Machete strikes again

    Machete almost split his head in halves
  16. AxlFr

    Pretty girl with throat slit

    Pretty Girl found Dead with Throat Slit at her Room | theYNC
  17. cadaver1

    New ISIS beheading

    NEW ISIS Execution By Beheading HD | theYNC
  18. T

    disaster Just good ol gore

  19. cadaver1

    Dead with no pants

  20. Ralph666

    Man disembowels wife, to look for Fetus .. just for starters..

    In the picture of the full crime scene, the skin of her face is by her right shoulder. This guy really enjoyed fucking her up. Manila – 46 years old wife was killed and dismembered by his husband at their own home in Baranggay Holy Spirit, Quezon City this Sunday. The body was discovered by a...
  21. DeathHand

    Rotting In Red Tights

    Woman, wearing red tights yoga pants things, murdered and dumped in the bush, on a hot day... Sihopuk Baru, Indonesia, June 1, 2018. 1. 2. 3. Oops, her hair came off... :eek:
  22. cadaver1

    Double delight. 2 prisoners hung by inmates

    2 Inhumantes Hung by their Enemies
  23. cadaver1

    Average beheading

  24. cadaver1

    Alleged village rapists executed

    Rapist gets executed by villagers
  25. cadaver1

    Los Zetas behead victim

    Execution: New Los Zetas video in action | theYNC
  26. zinfandel

    Mexican Woman decapitated

    The info said she was a businesswoman who was kidnapped and the family wouldn't or couldn't pay ransom.
  27. cadaver1

    Murder for wallet

    Robber Sticks a Gun in a Guy's Back and Pulls the Trigger | theYNC
  28. cadaver1

    2 dead jacks

  29. cadaver1

    Cool drive-by shooting

    Drive-by Machine Gun Execution
  30. cadaver1

    Cop killed in shootout

    Cop Killed During Shootout
  31. cadaver1

    Casual assassination

    Man Assassinated by Walk-by Hitman | theYNC
  32. cadaver1

    Bashed to death by ex

    Girl was beaten to death by EX
  33. cadaver1

    cartels Catrel Butchers

    Decapitated with Fish Filleting Knife [NARCO MEXICO] | theYNC
  34. cadaver1

    The weeks murders

    Latest murders of the week
  35. cadaver1

    Kill compilation

    GoPro / POV Kills & Deaths Compilation Volume 1 | theYNC
  36. cadaver1

    Another homicide

    Homicide scene
  37. cadaver1

    Guy stabs friend over chick | Guy stabs to death best friend over a girl - Crazy Shit!
  38. cadaver1

    Public beheading

    One cut one head less
  39. cadaver1

    Machine gun execution

    delete, please | theYNC
  40. cadaver1

    Double execution

  41. cadaver1

    Murder aftermath

    MURDER | theYNC
  42. cadaver1

    Point blank shot

    Hitman Kills Man at Point Blank Range
  43. cadaver1

    Shoot that fucker

    EXECUTION: Revenge Taken Out on Rival Gang Member | theYNC
  44. cadaver1

    Another poor victim

  45. cadaver1

    Young las raped and murdered

  46. Ralph666

    Old Man being stabbed, dies later.

    Must have been a tough guy in the first place to take on his executioner. Old Man Tries to defend Gets Stabbed to Death Anyway | theYNC
  47. cadaver1

    Violated and murdered