necrotizing fasciitis

  1. Bittybun

    Several Different Cases of NF (Necrotizing Fasciitis)

    (misc. cases)
  2. tenguix

    The evolution of Noma [Cancrum Oris]

    I found a great new source for medical images. Amongst search results, I found this pdf on noma cases in South Africa. These images depict the process by which gingivitis progresses into noma. It often begins with necrotising gingivitis. The gingivitis extends lower into the gums and teeth...
  3. tenguix

    Female Fasciitis!

    This thread is all about women with gnarly necrotizing fasciitis. {Set 1 of 2} 55-year-old -- diabetic, with NF of the breast and arm (fatal): 26-year-old -- anemic, eight days postpartum, NF causing complications in an episiotomy wound: 27-year-old Chinese woman -- 10 days after a fat...