1. Hel

    Some guy tried to attack a Mosque in Bærum, Norway

    At the mosque he injured one person but was apprehended by a 75 year old man before he could do anymore damage, at his home address the Police also found the body of a young woman(according to the police; a close relation of the attacker) whom he most likely killed before going on the rampage...
  2. KarlAres

    "Wochenshau" from Norway with English subtitles.

    These couple of videos are just two out of a vast public archive spanning from the German occupation and well into the 60's. If you like it there might be more translations. Have a nice weekend, don't rush it.
  3. Hel

    Woodcuts by John Andreas Savio(1902-1938)

    John Savio - Wikipedia
  4. Norwegian prisoner portraits

    These images depict people from the city of Drammen and the surrounding area, who were incarcerated at Hokksund Prison(no longer in operation) in the mid 19th century. Name: Ole "Musketer" Jørgensen Date: 1869 Place: Drammen Crime: Drunkenness and disorderly conduct Name: Berthe Hellene...
  5. Hel

    Norwegian murder cases

    In this thread I will post about some of the more infamous murder cases in Norwegian history, usually in criminal cases here, a lot of information is with held from the public, but I'll do my best to present each one with accurate information and pictures if there are any available. Murder of...
  6. Hel

    Creatures and entities from Norwegian folklore

    In Norwegian folklore there are many strange and often dangerous creatures posing a threat to the unwary travellers and adventurers who venture into the untamed wilderness and those who decide to settle there, some have their roots in the viking age like draugs and trolls, while others like...