police attacked

  1. Monty 4k

    fights police need help

  2. KingCold

    fights Cop stops to talk, Criminal pulls out a shotgun

    just makes me laugh at how he just whips out the shotgun
  3. Lord Vrodain

    Looikng for Police Shooting Raw video

    Found this while on Youtube but would like to get a hold of the actual video without any blurred parts.
  4. lavenderlivin

    Seattle man throws burning lumber into officer's SUV

    Footage released by Seattle PD shows a man, now in custody, walking down an alley in South Lake Union before Officer Caleb Pomazon pulls up to the scene. Initially, the suspect began yelling profanities towards the officer, and after multiple warnings to stop, the man suddenly turned around and...
  5. Brainfart

    Cops fatally shoots mother of two in front of her kids who came at officers with a knife...

    Pigs are scum...
  6. Jury

    They Make America Great Again