1. ill4two

    accident English hockey player has throat slit mid-match and dies

    American ice hockey player Adam Johnson has died following a “freak accident” on the ice as he played for English side Nottingham Panthers, the team said in a statement. In the second period of the team’s Challenge Cup match against the Sheffield Steelers on Saturday, Johnson appeared to suffer...
  2. Donkeyd

    bizarre Never had sex in their lives

    Even in a public school it's always the black guy doing the beat boxing 😂
  3. Donkeyd

    bizarre Airplane

    These are all real incidents 😂
  4. Monkman777

    beatings Man Stabs His Gf In Public

  5. Donkeyd

    animals Two male bears fighting on the road

    And there are people walking around thinking they can take one of these in a fight…