1. tenguix

    Osteomyelitis [the sequel]

    A while back I posted an array of osteomyelitis x-rays and radiographs in <this thread>. Osteomyelitis is defined as inflammation of the bone and bone marrow, usually caused by bacterial infection. I decided to revisit this gruesome condition and post actual photographs instead of focusing on...
  2. tenguix

    Gross feet, yo.

    This video is sort of goofy, but, the patient's feet are quite gnarly and the video quality is good. Looks like athlete's foot on fucking steroids. Probably a bacterial infection though.
  3. DoctorX


    Mycetoma (named because of the tumour-like mass it forms) is a chronic granulomatous disease characterised by localised infection of subcutaneous tissues by actinomycetes or fungi. The inflammatory response can extend to the underlying bone. Basically, an infection enters the site of trauma...
  4. tenguix


    A gangrene thread! (Yes, it would fall under the umbrella term of 'necrosis') {Set #1} Gangrene of the breast: In a 40-year-old, HIV-positive woman: Progression of gangrene in a middle-aged woman, a (presumably rare) complication of the H1N1 virus. Day #2: Day #10: Two months: A...