1. Donkeyd

    fights Daughter gets her revenge

  2. Cobh

    Raped by refugees

    In Pearse Street, Dublin. A muddle aged man was raped by 5 refugees. I think Ireland will soon end up like England.
  3. hcoop111

    I’m gonna butter your bread boy…trust me it’s worth the read 😂

    A prisoner was sodomized with a broomstick by other inmates who then poured boiling water down his anus. Another was made to walk on all fours like a dog on a leash, with a third man gang-raped by inmates while another frightened prisoner lay in bed and listened. The horrific abuse took place...
  4. Culeradi

    Lesley Ann Downey Tape Transcript - one of the Moors Murders victims

    [I don't know if i'm posting it on the right forum. If not - sorry for that.] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Moors_murders This is the full Lesley Ann Downey tape transcript taken by Leonard Milner, a shorthand typist of the Supreme court in 1966. I didn't found anyone posting it on goregrish...