1. Cold Ethyl

    Doctors Found Woman Had Second Set Of Reproductive Organs During C-Section

    Lying on the operating table after a planned C-section, Niki Jensen was told by doctors that they had found something incredibly rare. Instantly, the 29-year-old business owner went into panic mode, as she feared something was wrong with her newborn daughter, Ariella. However, the doctors...
  2. ZZZBen

    Have Any Of You Ever Seen These Videos?

    Most of the following videos of actual death, injury or gore are considered “lost media” so the odds of anyone here having seen them is just north of nil. But, who knows….. >Brandon “Ripper” Vedas Livestream >Holly Bobo torture cell phone video >Carina Saunders murder video >Grizzly Man...
  3. Donkeyd

    animals Shagged by a rare parrot

  4. Ivan Drago

    Serious Scientists Think They’ve Found A Rare ‘Dinosaur Mummy’ In Canada

  5. numbpiss

    RARE: Images/VideoLinks

    I've been around plenty of shock sites, I've been wanting to see something rare, underground even! Any rare links to shock sites would be very helpful too! I'm not sure how much worse it could be but im really wanting to dig my nose on those files.