1. machilee

    Female Dead Rebels LTTE

    Female Ltte click the Link for the video
  2. machilee

    Dead Female PKK YPJ YPG Soldiers Collection

    Dead Female YPJ YPG PKK rebels collections
  3. DeathHand

    Syria: TOW Missles

    I tell ya, these vids are a bitch to get off sites like Twitter. They should just have a Share button like YouTube...honest. Anyways, no extreme gore in these two vids but whatever gore did happen on the ground can be imagined. In both cases, one of the many Syrian rebel factions, in this case...
  4. DeathHand

    Russian helicopter shot down

    A Russian Mi8 helicopter had just dropped off relief supplies to people in Aleppo. On their way back to their airbase, the copter was intercepted by rebel gunners who managed to bring the helicopter down. There were survivors of the crash: 3 crew and 2 Russians military officials died. To make...
  5. DeathHand

    IS Attacks Rebel Stronghold

    IS (ISIS) staged a surprise attack on a rebel stronghold, a stones throw from the Turkish border, that failed. Although about 20 IS fighters were killed about 45 rebel defenders were also killed. Some images are photos and some are vid-grabs that I made. Marea, Syria, August 27, 2015. 1...