1. Dirlwanger

    bizarre NiggerJu Prays

  2. Cold Ethyl

    Archaeologists' Pagan Temple Find Challenges History of Roman Christianity

    A team of archaeologists has uncovered the ruins of an ancient pagan temple from the Roman period in Italy. The temple was found during excavations in the ancient hilltop town of Spello, which is located more than 70 miles north of Rome. The structure is thought to date to the fourth century...
  3. ZeroK

    beatings Israeli And Palestinian Religions Collide

  4. ZeroK

    accident Religion Leading To Violence

    A Palestinian In Israel
  5. NotAgentSmith

    bizarre His Horniness the Dalai Lama

    Dalai Lama first kisses the boy on his lips and then sticks his tongue out and says, "Suck Tongue" The Tibetan spiritual leader the Dalai Lama apologized after a video which showed him asking a boy to suck his tongue triggered a backlash on social media...
  6. Monkman777

    bizarre Release The Kraken

  7. ZeroK

    bizarre Religious Nut

  8. ZeroK

    bizarre Church Thief

  9. D

    Spanish burn nun

    Spanish communists tortured and burned the body of a Catholic nun near Seville Spain during the Spanish Civil War in the 1930s. I don't think these guys just like nuns and religion at all. :faganono:
  10. Dead Christ

    Twelve Tribes Cult Burns Down Over 900 Homes in Boulder, CO

    Shed fire on land of ‘cult’ eyed as cause of devastating Colorado blazes that destroyed 1,000 homes The fundamentalist cult that owns the Colorado food chain The Yellow Deli usually keeps a low profile, but is back in the limelight after causing a supposed shed fire or trash burning that ended...
  11. Lovingit

    CCTV Footage Shows The Moment A Man Stole a Praying Woman’s Phone In Church (Video)

    Lol! One of the Weirdest place to steal.. A CCTV footage has been released after a woman’s phone went missing in a church. According to reports, this happened in “La Redonda church in Guayaquil, Ecuador”, and the thief caught on CCTV was identified as a parishioner. In the CCTV footage, a...