1. tenguix

    Foreign Body Removals

    YouTube videos of foreign body removals. These aren't just your standard dead bug in the ear canal or a button jammed up some kid's nose, but genuinely weird shit requiring surgical removal. A bunch of toothbrushes and shit like that extracted from digestive tract of psych patient: Chunk of...
  2. Stinky

    Botfly Removal

    Probably seen old threads posted here about botfly extractions before, but these are new ones, or compilations of new and old, and they're nasty! No one really dies here, but there's only one way you'll ever be able to unsee these videos... That's not cottage cheese!
  3. Dr. Gauner

    Bad Case of Genital Warts and Removal

  4. semen

    How to Cut Out One of Your Testicles

    Gentlemen, you might want something to grip and/or bite down on.