1. DeathHand

    Man Chops Up His Ex

    A few days after a woman had gone missing, locals in a few townships began to notice a rather putrid smell wafting over the area. Further investigation turned up the buried body parts of a human. The body parts were of a woman who had been married to a man for 9 years and had 3 children with...
  2. DeathHand

    Ritualists Behead Two

    Two male university students were targeted by alleged ritualists/cultists who beheaded them both as a warning to others at the university not to become involved in the current cult war. I'm sure there was more to this than just that... Uturu, Nigeria, March 16, 2016. 1. 2. 3. 4.
  3. DeathHand

    4 Yro's Eyes Gouged Out

    Sorry, only 1 pic to go with this story. This 4 year old boy was found with both of his eyes gouged out. Ritualists are the prime suspects but no arrests. Poor kid. Zaria, Nigeria, Jan. 27, 2016 1.