1. 0111011000111

    Head full of Maggots...WTF!

  2. bogies

    Crispy dead thing

    Found in woods near a river by locals that could smell something really bad  :shit: :lolnasty: :ultracame:
  3. Mental Puppy

    Body found in Thailand

    Body discovered in Thailand 18th April, looks like animal predation and for the flip flop lover as well. No further info.
  4. tenguix


    A gangrene thread! (Yes, it would fall under the umbrella term of 'necrosis') {Set #1} Gangrene of the breast: In a 40-year-old, HIV-positive woman: Progression of gangrene in a middle-aged woman, a (presumably rare) complication of the H1N1 virus. Day #2: Day #10: Two months: A...
  5. tenguix


    A necrosis thread. Note: I only scrape my content from actual case reports -- no social media bullshit. 44-year-old woman who developed extensive necrosis of the eyelid and eye itself -- a complication of the gold weight surgically implanted in her eyelid: A 26-year-old woman who...
  6. tenguix

    Noma (Necrotizing Gangrenous Stomatitis / Cancrum Oris)

    A disease believed to be caused through some interaction between Fusobacterium Necrophorum or Prevotella Intermedia and other bacteria. Individuals with malnutrition, immunodeficiency, poor hygiene and generally gross living conditions run a significantly greater risk of developing Noma. It is...