1. johnmontana

    bizarre “Hispanic woman” wants white man’s seat on subway, immediately uses race card

    She tried forcing him to get out of his seat because she wanted to stretch her legs and ride alone. According to witnesses the man was already sitting there.
  2. Sgt.Stupid

    disaster Sinkhole in Shithole

  3. Lord Gutsy

    Crime Another day in shithole haiti

  4. P

    More faggots for Ukrainian army.

    As Ukrainian army sustain catastrophic losses at the war and more and more straight males being wiped out. Ukrainian regime decided to draft homosexuals into the army. So Ukrainian army becomes more and more faggottry.
  5. Dirlwanger

    bizarre Kang Builds Pyramid

  6. P

    fights Failed attempt to draft a volunteer for the Leopard tank crew in Ukraine.

    Because of the numerous casualties in the Ukrainian army, Zelensky allowed to kidnap random men from streets. Here the military kidnapers used an ambulance machine to conveniently approach men and quickly snatch them inside. But this time something went wrong. The wife resisted with all her...
  7. Lord Gutsy

    bizarre Showing African thieves some love

  8. Sgt.Stupid

    fights Cock Fighting Leads to Murder

    Of course, Not that kind of cock fighting :lulz: —————————————————————-
  9. Ginjabread man

    U vant naan bread wiv dat ennit

  10. Lord Gutsy

    bizarre thieves forced to eat their finger

  11. cacarara74874

    Just let grandma die in peace

    Bitch has probably suffered all her goddamn life, those 5 minutes that took her to tie that noose are the highlight of her existence.
  12. OHubbard93

    Woman KO'd by Lorry Bonded Door

    I wonder if the lorry driver kept on driving? Seems the door fixed itself after taking care of the lady who would be none the wiser when she re-gained consciousness.