1. C

    Shootout dream

    the idea of being in a shootout or a firefight has always excited me. just me and someone else going at it with AR's and a shit ton of ammo. bullets whizzing and flying by, probably the most exciting moment someone could ever be in. not knowing if one of those little brass fuckers could lay a...
  2. DeathHand

    11 Bank Robbers Dead

    A gang of atleast 11 men was highly suspected as being responsible for a recent rash of bank robberies - ones where the criminals blast the shit out of the bank vault and ATM's to get the moolah. The Civil Police got a whiff of these guys at a house in the out-back the day after they pulled a...
  3. DeathHand

    Two Narcos Demo'd By Feds

    A unit of the Mexican Federal Police came into an armed confrontation with two men inside of a car. The patrol unit collided with the car and soon an armored Federal Police truck was on the scene and quickly opened fire on the car. Both of the car's occupants, regional drug traffickers, were...
  4. SicMonster666

    Shootout with Brazilian cops leaves 6 robbers dead on the slab

    On the afternoon of Monday the 10th, 2016, six bandits were killed in a confrontation with military and civilian police in the Nilmara Garden neighborhood of Rondonópolis, Brazil. According to the military police, the gang which was heavily armed went to rob a Credit Agency, robbing dozens of...
  5. Mental Puppy

    Bandits killed by the law

    On the morning of Wednesday the 20th Four bandits were killed in exchange of fire with police officers. According to military information, police had received an anonymous tip that a group of at least 10 men were acting suspicious inside a Recreation area. The military went to the place and were...
  6. Mental Puppy

    12guage shots to the head.

    Shootout between drug gangs with several people using pistols and shotguns. After all said was done this poor fucker was lying in the street. Still unidentified but what looks like 2 close range 12 guage shots.
  7. Mental Puppy

    Kidnapping fail

    In the late morning of Monday (04) two criminals were killed and one was wounded and another was arrested during clashes with the police in the capital Rio de Janeiro. According to preliminary information of the Civil Police, 4 bandits were in a vehicle carrying a woman identified only as...
  8. DeathHand

    Brazil: 3 Dead Bad Guys

    These 3 dudes, all criminals, got into a shootout with the Brazilian police and lost. Milagres, Brazil, August 13, 2015 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.