1. Ezrablake

    Claustrophilia: my gay necro torture porn novel

    Up for preorder now, officially released Halloween 2018. It’s about a wannabe necrophiliac who wasn’t planning to go through with his fantasies until he was kidnapped by an infamous serial killer, locked in a tiny box, and subjected to some of the most horrific torture you’ll find in any...

    Fake or Shooped Necrophilia/Snuff Content (ADD HERE!)

    This thread is for all the convincing, and less convincing necrophilia content we've all seen throughout our years. If you don't see an image/vid here, or have better quality- Please add what you've got to this thread! Hopefully this will cut down new threads with reposted content as well. :tu...
  3. Eat Shit And Die

    Snuff Band Plane Crash, Brazil 1996

    Severian I was sure I had higher resolution pictures of this accident but I can't seem to find them, I hope these do, Enjoy! The unfortunate day March 2, 1996 would be a routine day for the five members of the band Snuff who were on the way back from a show in Brasilia, the jet they had been...
  4. D

    I think I've found a real snuff movie (More disturbing than anything you've ever known)

    I found a disc in the street with red paint of "FoDE" which is most likely refer to Faces of Death Extreme which is the movie title on the disc. However, there is no such a thing as faces of death extreme and even when looking at the internet, faces of death has NOTHING EVER NEAR the gore level...