suicide attempt

  1. Monkman777

    disaster Should Had Swan Dive

    Or picked a taller building
  2. cacarara74874

    Just let grandma die in peace

    Bitch has probably suffered all her goddamn life, those 5 minutes that took her to tie that noose are the highlight of her existence.
  3. Maleficent

    bizarre ~Suicidal Woman Gets Hit By Taxi, Falls Down & Gets Fucked Up By Another Car~

  4. Maleficent

    bizarre ~Self Immolation~

    Russia ~ "An employee of the Pedagological College from Syktyvkav, set himself on fire, right in front of the building of the educational institute. The man made a suicide attempt on Oktyabrsky Prospekt where he works. They say that because of a conflict with the authorities. It was quickly...
  5. RoyMunson

    Aftermath of man jumping from a building and landing on a car

    Let's see the judges scores....
  6. Lord Gutsy

    Woman dives under truck

  7. Rahamaddr

    Suicide face

    Someone have the complete version?