1. GoreDom

    Drunken baboons commit accidental suicide

    India. In 2017, there was a group of dumbasses. They decided to get shit-faced drunk right by a cliff on a rainy day. The 2 fags you see in red t shirts are sitting by the ledge of a cliff that looks like it has a drop to eternity. The fuckery starts with the 2 fools taking big ass swigs of...
  2. SatanicKiwi


    Hello, this is a gore compilation but just a selection of suicide videos (because why not).. I'm planning on doing other compilation videos specifically restricted to a genre someone recommends or I choose to make. So enjoy I guess.
  3. MR.Tgorelover

    Firemen catch old lady

    I saw this a few years ago and it blew my mind how the firemen caught that lady!
  4. MR.Tgorelover

    Man tries to catch jumper and dies

    This is a security guard that attempted to catch a suicidal woman that jumped from the 11th floor. Probably old and probably a repost so I apologize. But for those who haven’t here ya go! Man fails to catch suicide jumper
  5. Bittybun

    Budd Dwyer Kills Himself on Live Television

    I recently had a conversation with my mum about music and her thoughts on people sampling audio clips unrelated to a previously recorded song or beat etc. This led us to a conversation about sampling audio clips taken from recordings of horrific events, my example being "Get Your Gunn" by...
  6. Belphegoree

    Heart shaped hole

    I assume this is suicide
  7. cadaver1

    Suicide off a crane
  8. Ra's Al Ghul

    Moderately popular 22yr old Brazilian Model commits suicide by hanging herself in her shower cubicle after sex tape goes viral.

    Had been following this case for nearly a week hoping to find dead pictures! Finally found them on a Closed chatroom! so here goes... Millena Andrade Chavez, 22 years † Suicide by hanging News: Model Millena Andrade, 22, was found dead in her apartment in the Alto da Glória neighborhood in...
  9. cadaver1

    Another lost soul

    SUICIDE | theYNC
  10. cadaver1

    Hanging under a bridge

    Man hung himself on the bridge
  11. cadaver1

    Old skool train suicide

  12. cadaver1

    Suicide in the snow

    Nobody gives a shit after man commits suicide
  13. cadaver1

    Swine cop hangs himself

    A 26-year-old police constable, named Sikandar Ali, committed suicide by hanging himself in Chhattisgarh | theYNC
  14. Ralph666

    Suicide..?? with baby beside him

    VERY SAD: Depressed Father Drinks Poison While Live With Daughter | theYNC As far as I care, he should have hung himself AND the little person. Looks like he didn't drink enough of it to have effect, spat alot back out.
  15. cadaver1

    Train wheel decapitation

    Egyptian Youth Commits Suicide Because Of Government Is Tyrannically | theYNC
  16. cadaver1

    The easy way out

  17. cadaver1

    Now thats a fall

    Jumper | theYNC
  18. cadaver1

    Superman dive

  19. cadaver1

    Suicide bomber kills noone

    Shocking CCTV footage of a Suicide Bomber blowing himself Up in Nairob | theYNC
  20. cadaver1

    Suicide bomber

    Video shows moment of the ISIS suicide attack against US soldiers in | theYNC
  21. cadaver1

    Swaying in the wind

    youth hangs from a tree In the village of Dhanla in Marwar | theYNC
  22. cadaver1

    Man jumps from apartment

    Suicide | theYNC
  23. cadaver1


    Hung & left with a noose around his neck
  24. cadaver1

    Indain man chopped in half

    youth who committed suicide in Mathania | theYNC
  25. cadaver1

    Double suicide

    love Couple found hanging in school's classroom due to relationship failure in Greater Noida's Taneja village | theYNC
  26. cadaver1

    Man jumps in furnace to kill himself

    1600-Degree Furnace Suicide Here's a new form of suicide.
  27. cadaver1

    Shopping centre suicide

  28. cadaver1

    Son commits suicide in shop

  29. cadaver1

    Hanging from a step

    Daud bin Lili (aged 28 years old), hanged himself in Pandanwangi Tourism Village | theYNC
  30. cadaver1

    Young fella hanging peacefully

    Hanged to Dead | theYNC
  31. cadaver1

    Life must be hard | They like it tall - Crazy Shit!
  32. cadaver1

    Suicide Bomber

    Suicide Bomber Runs at Soldiers But is Taken Out Quick | theYNC
  33. cadaver1

    triple suicide
  34. cadaver1

    Just hanging
  35. DeathHand

    24Yro Female Suicide Jump

    This woman, 24 years old, made the suicide jump from the balcony of her 5th floor condo. Unfortunately, only 3 photos. Milagres, Cambodia, May 5, 2017. 1. 2. 3.
  36. Nathrakh

    Church "Mass" Shooting - Murder Suicide

    December 11th, Campinas, São Paulo - Brazil After midday services, a man walked into Campinas Metropolitan Cathedral, sat on a bench, stood up and opened fire on those present. He immediately shot an elderly couple who was sitting behind him, and opened fire on everyone else that tried to run...
  37. DeathHand

    Raped 17Yro Hangs Self

    Just two pics of this suicide: the tree and the cut down/burial prep. The girl was 17 tears old and after having been raped she decided to hang herself. Sampey, Cambodia, June 18, 2018. 1. 2.
  38. DeathHand

    Rifle In Mouth Suicide

    No info passed on about these images other than that the older guy put the barrel of a rifle to in his mouth and pulled the trigger. A photo of the ceiling would'a been nice - his missing eye is probably stuck to it with some skull goop. I'm guessing Russia. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.
  39. cadaver1

    Woman cut in half by locomotive
  40. cadaver1

    Window Jumper

  41. cadaver1

    Another one hanging from a tree
  42. cadaver1

    Lady kills herself due to abusive husband

    woman hangs her self on the mango tree because her husband beats her in the village of Kurai Mandalam | theYNC
  43. cadaver1

    Overpass Jumper
  44. Komarecka

    One shot one dead

    old grandpa killed himself with rifle..
  45. DeathHand

    15Yro Girl Hangs Self

    This 15 year old girl had an argument with her parents and then went and locked herself in her room. They later found her hanging and dead. The photos are of her after she was cut down and being examined by a coroner. Siem Reap, Camodia, July 4, 2018. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7.
  46. DeathHand

    Alcoholic Woman Hangs Herself

    This woman, 37 years old, was unemployed and an alcoholic. She often begged for money or got it from her relatives. One day she went to her mother's house to ask for money for "food". The mother refused. So the woman went to a shed and hung herself in her Sunday best. Pich Chenda, Cambodia...
  47. DeathHand

    Eye-Popping Female Hanging

    After a few days hanging around this is what a 35 year old woman who hung herself looked like after neighbors got a whiff of it and called police. No motive for the suicide was given. Tuol Kouk, Cambodia, Sept. 8, 2018. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. Hanging by iPhone earphone buds wire???