1. SnuffAddict

    Patient’s Accident Aftermath

    The case of a young woman after her face was sliced by a broken glassware.
  2. ??Be happy⚕?️

    Bowels on display, stomach torn (hospital) Nice little interior view of the ripped up human anatomy Very tasty
  3. tenguix

    Osteomyelitis [the sequel]

    A while back I posted an array of osteomyelitis x-rays and radiographs in <this thread>. Osteomyelitis is defined as inflammation of the bone and bone marrow, usually caused by bacterial infection. I decided to revisit this gruesome condition and post actual photographs instead of focusing on...
  4. tenguix

    Foreign Body Removals

    YouTube videos of foreign body removals. These aren't just your standard dead bug in the ear canal or a button jammed up some kid's nose, but genuinely weird shit requiring surgical removal. A bunch of toothbrushes and shit like that extracted from digestive tract of psych patient: Chunk of...
  5. tenguix

    Various Deglovings.

    I decided to post a thread about deglovings. If you don't know what that means, you probably haven't been here long enough. Many of the treatment outcomes are hideous, but much better than the alternative (going untreated). Example of a forearm degloving: Thumb degloving & surgery: Two...
  6. tenguix

    Craniofacial Trauma [compilation].

    I'm gonna post some images -- CT scans, x-rays, and photos -- of fucked up skulls. These people all sustained trauma to their heads and faces; some of them died. {This is post #1 of 2} Trauma victims may be left with ugly-as-fuck faces forever if they forgo proper treatment. For example...
  7. McM

    Nose repair

  8. DxC

    Thai Surgeon on YT

    Dr. Somprasong Tongmeesee is a surgeon at Chonburi Hospital, Thailand. His YouTube channel consists of over 100 surgery highlights and deals with many forms of trauma. While the shortness of the videos can sometimes cause a bit of blue balls, I find his channel to be very entertaining. Here are...
  9. Stinky

    Botfly Removal

    Probably seen old threads posted here about botfly extractions before, but these are new ones, or compilations of new and old, and they're nasty! No one really dies here, but there's only one way you'll ever be able to unsee these videos... That's not cottage cheese!
  10. msr

    Another lipoma on the head......

  11. msr

    huge lipoma removed

  12. msr

    Golf ball size cyst removed from man's back

    Skip to 5:00 and then to 17:00, if you can't wait.
  13. PowerDrill

    Dissecting Cellulitis of the Scalp - Lots of Pics

    Taken from directly from the Documenting Reality thread which itself copied from the original blog.
  14. msr

    Cyst Removal

  15. tenguix

    Neglected Foreign Bodies #2

    {Set #1} Unlike the majority of cases in the first thread (excepting the 9-year-old girl), these so-called foreign bodies were intentionally inserted by the patients themselves. I'll start with the females who took matters into their own hands (and, subsequently, their vaginas). An...
  16. tenguix

    Neglected Foreign Bodies #1

    Several cases of neglected/retained foreign bodies. One 55-year-old woman had a "wooden apple" inserted into her vagina to treat uterine prolapse five years prior. Radiographs -- before extraction: Extraction photos: Radiograph of extracted body: Another woman (65 years old)...
  17. tenguix

    Fraser Syndrome | Menstrual Blood Drainage

    Interesting specimen here. Fraser Syndrome is ... A fifteen-year-old girl presented with Fraser Syndrome & a mass in the lower abdomen. These photos show the developmental defects associated with the syndrome. Right cryptopthalmos: Syndactyly in both hands and both feet: Umbilical...
  18. tenguix

    Female Perineum [Vagina/Anus] Surgery

    Only women in this thread. {Set #1} A rectovaginal fistula (RVF) is an epithelial lined tract between the rectum and vagina, and generally presents with passage of air, stool or even purulent discharge from the vagina. RVFs in developing nations are related to prolonged labors that cause...
  19. DeathHand

    Scrotal Elephantiasus

    This poor sap was suffering from Scrotal Elephantiasus, which is an abnormal enlargement of the scrotum. So in these photos, doctors operate and reconstruct the guy's scrotum. 'Nuff said... Set 1. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.
  20. Dr. Gauner

    Facial Impalement

    A 30 years old male patient was brought to Oral and Maxillofacial surgery casualty of Medical College Kottayam with a penetrating facial injury by a wooden log passing through the left lateral side of his face below the angle of mandible and protruding through oral cavity causing comminuted...
  21. semen

    How to Cut Out One of Your Testicles

    Gentlemen, you might want something to grip and/or bite down on.
  22. DeathHand

    Facial Tumor & Reconstruction

    This guy, in his mid-50's, developed cancer in his mouth, cheek and nasal passages. The tumor that was growing wasn't discovered until the man went in to have some nasal polyps removed by which time the tumor was already in an advanced state of progression. The man underwent life saving surgery...
  23. K

    Appalling Cosmetic Surgery

    Thousands of dollars to look like crap. Money well spent.
  24. cmcw

    Red Skull Plastic Surgery

    "Comic book fan has implants put in his face and part of his nose CHOPPED OFF to fulfil his dream of looking like Captain America’s enemy, Red Skull."...
  25. _Xtina_

    Burn victim gets facial reconstruction surgery

    Great results.
  26. A

    Before then after surgery and ongoing healing process of damaged arm.

    A horrific car accident occurred in May 2014. The driver of an SUV fell asleep at the wheel and ended up flying through the vehicle. When he awoke his nightmare began. He found his left arm trapped under the vehicle, completely destroyed. In the hospital, the prospects looked terrible. Below...
  27. McM

    Surgery, some older pics.

  28. naturalselector23

    Surgery Correcting Fournier's Gangrene

    Fournier's Gangrene (a.k.a. every man's worst nightmare) is that necrotizing infection on the perineum, and it tends to pretty much devastate a man's genitals. I don't have many case details, but the surgery serves mainly to remove dead flesh. EDIT: Images 404'd, here they are again.
  29. _Xtina_

    "Tooth in Eye" surgery allows blind to see- looks gross.

    This surgery is allowing some blind people to see again, but their eyes sure do look gross after the procedure.
  30. Maniac

    Eugène-Louis Doyen's surgery photography and other.

    "Eugène-Louis Doyen was a French 19th century surgeon interested in photograpgy and cinematography. He produced numerous films and photos of his operations, including a craniectomy, an abdominal hysterectomy, and a surgery for separation of conjoined twins. Sadly most of his photo's were lost in...
  31. D.O.A.

    Gonna need brain surgery

    To remove those twigs stuck in there or this guy is gonna be able to taste purple and count to potato
  32. D.O.A.

    Male to Female gender surgery

    oh jesus :why?!:
  33. my.eggs

    kid falls will make a simple dressing in hospital and out with the amputated arm

    The boy Demerson José de Souza Carvalho, 13, a native of Chaval suffered a fall during the holiday period and was referred to the HEDA in Parnaíba for surgical procedure for the correction of a fracture. The information is from TvCostaNorte Parnaíba. Once released from the hospital, Joseph...
  34. J

    Gynecomastia Liposuction vs Excision - Westlake Plastic Surgery

    Dr. Caridi of Westlake Plastic Surgery in Austin, TX demonstrates the techniques of liposuction and excision on a male gynecomastia patient. He explains the importance of using both techniques during the procedure to achieve optimal results.
  35. toomuchblood

    Arse surgery

    <iframe width="640" height="360" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
  36. max_gain

    Black guy self mutilates his dong, and ends up with less than half the length after surgery.

    The accompanying medical description detailing the surgery and outcome. A 70-year-old male with a history of psychiatric disorder presented to the casualty with a self-inflicted traumatic amputation of his penis, which he accomplished with a sharp vegetable-cutting knife. The penis was cut...
  37. C_R

    Scoliosis Surgery

  38. Basilgirl

    360 Body Lift Surgery

  39. max_gain

    Legs being prepaired for surgery after severe trauma.

    No story. Just a guy having his legs prepared for surgery, after suffering some kind of horrific trauma to both legs.
  40. max_gain

    Foot trauma before and after surgery.

    Enjoy the images........
  41. max_gain

    Surgery to repair partly severed fingers.

    No story, just a couple examples of what can be achieved in the event someone receives trauma to their fingers. First set showing partly severed fingers And another showing repairs to the tips of fingers
  42. Robmoore208

    Man shows off his amputated foot.

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  43. holyblacksun

    Ankle Replacement Surgery

  44. max_gain

    Interesting surgery showing bullet removal to stomach

    Great images showing a bullet entry wound to stomach, then subsequent surgery to remove it. Still seeing the bullet casing in the stomach.
  45. girl101

    worse ingrown toenail surgery i have seen

    this is the worse ingrown toenail surgury i have ever seen, i think he butchers the toe with no turnicut. i wonder where this doctor got his degree from the philapeens or out of a crack jack box. i like to watch videos of cyst lancing and ingrown toenail removal.
  46. max_gain

    Surgery to remove tumor from patients eye.

    Showing a surgeon removing a tumor from the corner of a patients eye.