1. WhiteFlight

    fights Arab immigrant in sweden got nose broken

    Immigrants started harassing a group of swedish teenagers at a popular holiday spot and got a taste of broken nose from the first punch as you can hear the white guy say TRANSLATED : Why do i need to hit you more you are bleeding
  2. Guipago

    Sweden has greenlight to join NATO

    Hungary's parliament ratifies Sweden's bid to join NATO Suck Shit Russia
  3. deviant2

    bizarre Water Park Goes BOOM...?

  4. Stinky

    Imagine the smell! Would you eat it?

    Would You Eat This 340-Year-Old Shipwreck Cheese? 340 year old cheese found in the deep seas of Sweden. Source says that it smells of rotten cheese and yeast. Yummy! Would you eat it? It was well preserved because it was trapped under a bunch of mud as it was aging in the waters.