1. DeadSynthonies

    Another Execution In Syria

    just the usual mass of blood, dirt and ackbar. also they like firing there guns in the air on this vid so volume adjustment is probably neededمرتزقة-ميليشيا-الجيش-الحر-يذبحون-سبعة.html
  2. 00Unkn0wn

    Video shows Hezbollah fighters executing wounded Syrian rebels

    A video posted on the internet shows members of Lebanon’s Hezbollah militia executing wounded Syrian rebels who were captured when the Syrian town of al-Qusair was recaptured in June by the Syrian regime forces backed by Hezbollah’s army. The battle over al-Qusair...
  3. 00Unkn0wn

    WARNING GRAPHIC PHOTO: Syrian Shia Child Who Watched Parents Killed Has Her Heart Cut Out

    Their children now, your children tomorrow. The fully male controlled and run Islamic societies are never far from the worse savagery imaginable, making their warlord prophet proud. What happened to the small Shia girl in Syria who were forced to watch her parents being killed that we reported...
  4. D.O.A.

    GG video Dying Syrian kid

    D.O.A. published a new article: Check it out...
  5. hellyeah

    fsa slit mans throat in Syria
  6. hellyeah

    fsa hacking mans head off in syria
  7. Calgacus

    New beheading of two men by Al-Qaeda in Syria
  8. Mr_Blonde

    Syrian Al-Qaeda Fighters Execute Two Young Boys…

    Obama's buddies hard at work.
  9. AngrySwede

    Syria - Alleged Chemical Attack Victims.

    Here we have some footage of alleged victims of the recent chemical attacks in Syria. The FSA claims that the Assad regime is behind the attacks. Lots of convenient (from a propaganda standpoint) footage of dead, dying and suffering children. While there's not doubt signs of chemical exposure...
  10. meatpie

    Syria Chemical Attacks Kill Hundreds

  11. deadpuppet

    Syrian Tank Torture

    They beat his ass like a pinata then gave him a little carbon monoxide poisoning. I'm sorry but this shit made me laugh. No gore, just didn't know where else to put it.:huuurp:
  12. Kemboy

    Syrian Cannibal DEAD !

    Abu Sakkar is dead
  13. samoth

    Innocent boy throat slited in Syria
  14. aptlyNamed

    giving weapons to children in Syria you can draw your own conclusions from this.
  15. hellyeah

    syrian parade
  16. MPD Psycho

    Syrian Man With His Jaw & Throat Blown away Still Praises Allah

    It is what it says! Enough said.

    head shot (Syria)



  19. ElizabethBathory

    Al-Houla Massacre - Dozens of Children Murdered in Syria

    CHILDREN WARNING! This footage, uploaded by Syrian democracy activists on May 25, 2012, depicts the aftermath of a massacre of around 32 children under the age of 10. They were allegedly murdered by forces loyal to Bashar al-Assad in the town of Al-Houla in Homs. Dozens were killed by tank...
  20. Airbornemama

    Massacre in Syria *CHILD WARNING*

    The number of victims so far has ammounted to 400 while there are still 300 missing and unaccounted for. The children are very sad pic's.
  21. KingElvis

    Syria - Rebel Eats Heart of Syrian Soldier

    They are saying; "We swear to god that we will eat your hearts and livers you soldiers or Bashar the dog.. We are the heroes of Baba Amr" There is a historical connection to eating heart and livers of men when it comes to the history of Islam;
  22. AngrySwede

    Syrian T-72 turned into barbecue pit by RPG-29 (no gore)

    Footage of the tanks destruction is near the end of the video. One thing I found very interesting about this footage, is that it shows the point of view of both the tanks and the FSA anti-tank team that makes the kill. You see the anti-tank team around 7:00 minutes, and the destruction of the...
  23. Ora

    More dead Syrians.

    This was allegedly a massacre on innocent civilians perpetrated by the FSA. I'm not sure I believe that though. Anywho, it's got some nice gore shots in it, so here you go.
  24. hellyeah

    stupid syrian rescue/fire fight,%20Idiots%20and%20Dimwits.html
  25. Eat Shit And Die

    Another video from Syria [beheading]

    Looks like a video from that channel bowhaze posted a video from yesterday...
  26. tarekwood

    Syria - Aftermath of airstrike.

    Syria - Aftermath of airstrike.
  27. 0rganDonor

    AA crew recorded as helicopter downed... (Syria)

    AA reporters in Syria shoot video of moment of downing of a Syrian helicopter by FSA. ALEPPO Turkish An Anadolu Agency (AA) team of reporters shot a video and took photographs of the moment of the downing of a Syrian helicopter by the Free Syrian Army (FSA). The helicopter was downed by...
  28. derbyboi

    Syrian Rebel…...minus the head

    This is nasty. Dont know what did this but its safe to say that this guy isnt playing any further part in this war.
  29. derbyboi

    Mortars interrupting syrian street party

    Quote from liveleak: Syrian rebel fighters seized much of the contested north-central city of Raqqa on Monday after days of heavy clashes with government forces, smashing a statue of President Bashar al-Assad’s father in the central square and occupying the governor’s palace, according to...
  30. derbyboi

    Dopey Syrian With RPG Not sure how he manages this but he somehow kills himself while firing an rpg. Dumb fucker.
  31. tarekwood

    soldiers in Syria Grounded into Dog Food

    soldiers in Syria Grounded into Dog Food
  32. tarekwood

    Torturing Young Syrian guys !

    Torturing Young Syrian guys !
  33. derbyboi

    Syrian Fun With Tanks

    But not how you would expect.....
  34. bowhaze

    Syrian Sniper Gets Snipped

  35. derbyboi

    Airstrike Aftermath - Syria

    From what i could pick up this is the Syrian Air Forces doing. No other info on it though. Messy.
  36. tarekwood

    [WARNING! EXTREMELY GRAPHIC] 21+ FSA Terrorists cuts off citizens' heads in Syria

    [WARNING! EXTREMELY GRAPHIC] 21+ FSA Terrorists cuts off citizens' heads in Syria
  37. tarekwood

    Disturbing: Syrian males found with appalling injuries

    Disturbing: Syrian males found with appalling injuries
  38. barbwir3

    War footage from Syria, 31 minutes of it.

    Found this on another forum didn't see it here so I thought I would contribute. Enjoy.
  39. bowhaze

    Bound Man is Beaten and Stabbed To Death, Syria

    with a blunt stick.
  40. Hellwig

    Syrian Civillian Caught In Cross Fire

    Civillian takes his last gasping death breaths after being shot in the face by Syrian government soldiers.