throat cut

  1. Lord Gutsy

    accident Chink Using Grinder

    China - ouch
  2. ill4two

    accident English hockey player has throat slit mid-match and dies

    American ice hockey player Adam Johnson has died following a “freak accident” on the ice as he played for English side Nottingham Panthers, the team said in a statement. In the second period of the team’s Challenge Cup match against the Sheffield Steelers on Saturday, Johnson appeared to suffer...
  3. G

    Isis beheading with knife

  4. Mental Puppy

    ISIS cuts throats of spies

    ISIS Beheading Executions Of Several 'Spies' In Iraq The savage Islamic State terrorist group has purportedly circulated a photo report showing beheading executions in Iraq. In the report, ISIL savages carry out the beheading executions of alleged spies in "Wilayat Karkuk." Included photos...