traffic accident

  1. Morally-Skewed-Hippo

    accident Chink crushed to death by Truck at road junction.

    A truck crushes a motorcyclist at a road junction in China today, driving off and leaving the corpse in it's wake. Dead people lying on the roads must be so commonplace that other road users just drive on by, without stopping to see if help/first-aid is required. As for that truck driver, he...
  2. NotAgentSmith

    accident Speeding driver kills innocent road user in collision at intersection (Hamilton, Ontario)

    MacNab St. North and Barton St. East, Hamilton, Ontario A man has been killed and another was rushed to hospital after a serious collision in Hamilton last night (April 25). Hamilton Police say officers were called to the intersection of Barton St. East and MacNab St. North shortly after 9:00...