traffic accident

  1. Maybe Maggot

    Is It a Bird, Is it a Plane? No, Just a Dick On a Motorcycle

  2. Maybe Maggot

    Woman Eats Motorcycle Victim

    A woman was pepper-sprayed and subdued by Brazilian police following an incident over the weekend. An RTA involving a bus and a motorcycle left two dead with one motorcycle victim under the bus. A woman was reported to have crawled under the bus and began eating part of the motorcyclist. First...
  3. Maybe Maggot

    Hit and (tries to) Run

    No info. Stolen car maybe? I can't work out where that liquid comes from, looks like it came from the person ran over but it's not blood.
  4. Maybe Maggot

    High Speed Crashes Comp

    If your internet is fast enough, this is best watched with the 720p 50fps option. I uploaded it to PrudeTube a couple of years ago (unlisted I think), hence the content warning.