1. P

    War Ukrainian men vs Military kidnappers (recruiters ).

    Being a man in Ukraine now it's like constantly living in the MadMax movie. Ukro men have to be alert, cautious and on a survival mode 24/7. They have to avoid by all means being kidnapped by military drafters and sent to the war as a cannon fodder. First video is from the outdoor camera...
  2. Donkeyd

    Crime Gun smugglers shoot and kill Ukrainian cop and injure other one
  3. MrAspecty

    War Donations from China to the russian military showcasing drawings

    🇨🇳💥 🇺🇦"Destroy the Nazi bastards!" - the Chinese began to actively donate to the Russians for drawings and inscriptions on shells It is interesting that some of the shells are of Iranian origin. Ukrainian Nazi resources write about this. “There is a whole z-tnik account on Twitter that does...
  4. MrAspecty

    War 40 dead defenders after an attempt to reach Belogrod

    Crazy ...
  5. MrAspecty

    War Destroyed Swedish Leopard in Ukraine

    Not sure of the exact model, but all i see is a Leopard. This was taken on March 27th, late I know, but better late then never.
  6. Monkman777

    disaster Ukrainian Drone Hits Russian Refinery
  7. MrAspecty

    War Failed Ukrainian Navy Operation leaves 20 dead

    ‼️🇺🇦🏴‍☠️Elite special forces of the Ukrainian Navy began an airborne operation in the Kherson region, but were destroyed by special forces of the Russian Navy Marine special forces of the Special Operations Center of the Ukrainian Navy tried to gain a foothold on the Tendrovskaya Spit in the...
  8. P

    War The leaked info from the medic serving in Ukrainian army.

    I just want to share with the insight from the medic who serves in Ukrainian army and deals with the freshly wounded soldiers close to the combat zone. He keeps his identity in secret ( understandable). This info source exists for the relatively long time and is posted in Russian speaking...
  9. Dirlwanger

    bizarre Jumper Couldn't Kill Himself

    In Lviv, a 21 year old young man attempted suicide. He survived.
  10. Sarka

    bizarre Survived a fall from 15 floors

    In Lviv, Ukraine, a depressed Ukrainian jumped from the 15th floor and survived. The impact was softened by the roof of a parked car. An hour before this, the 21-year-old guy wrote posts on social networks in which he said goodbye to life.
  11. P

    More faggots for Ukrainian army.

    As Ukrainian army sustain catastrophic losses at the war and more and more straight males being wiped out. Ukrainian regime decided to draft homosexuals into the army. So Ukrainian army becomes more and more faggottry.
  12. P

    animals Ukrainian officials admitting the horrifying losses of the Ukraine army.

    The Ukrainian former general prosecutor Yuri Lutsenko revealed in his interview the shocking truth about the Ukrainian army losses. There are at least 500k dead Ukrop soldiers so far which means 30k of them get killed every month.
  13. P

    fights Failed attempt to draft a volunteer for the Leopard tank crew in Ukraine.

    Because of the numerous casualties in the Ukrainian army, Zelensky allowed to kidnap random men from streets. Here the military kidnapers used an ambulance machine to conveniently approach men and quickly snatch them inside. But this time something went wrong. The wife resisted with all her...
  14. Guipago

    Drones in war article

    Interesting piece on the drones used in Ukraine. Vid at end as well.
  15. Guipago

    No wonder Ukraine's offensive went to shit.

    It looks like some Air Force shitbag working at the Pentagon got a look at Ukraine's Offensive plans & bragged on a gamer forum before Ukraine Commanders got them, the Russians knew exactly where the attacks were going to happen, the shitbag is under arrest...
  16. Lord Gutsy

    accident Explosion at factory

  17. Nimrod101z

    Everything According to Plan Gerasimov reported to Putin in Avdiivka Offensive

    The General Commander of the Ruzzian army Gerasimov reported to Putin that everything is going according to plan in Avdiivka Offensive
  18. Nimrod101z

    Mass Russian Casualties in the Avdiivka Offensive

  19. Axios

    Pav10's imagination of the Russian army