1. SicMonster666

    The Shaved Pussy Thread

  2. DeathHand

    Dead Woman - Guts Out Vagina

    These pics go back a few years - apologies if this a repost. Will be old to some while new to others. A young woman was on her scooter-booter and appears to have been taken out by a pickup truck. Her head was crushed (along with the helmet), both arms ripped off, and her innards were pushed out...
  3. tenguix

    Neglected Foreign Bodies #2

    {Set #1} Unlike the majority of cases in the first thread (excepting the 9-year-old girl), these so-called foreign bodies were intentionally inserted by the patients themselves. I'll start with the females who took matters into their own hands (and, subsequently, their vaginas). An...
  4. tenguix

    Neglected Foreign Bodies #1

    Several cases of neglected/retained foreign bodies. One 55-year-old woman had a "wooden apple" inserted into her vagina to treat uterine prolapse five years prior. Radiographs -- before extraction: Extraction photos: Radiograph of extracted body: Another woman (65 years old)...
  5. tenguix

    Unsafe Abortion | Gangrenous Bowel

    A 22-year-old woman presented in poor shape with gangrenous intestines protruding from her vagina. She had recently undergone an "unsafe abortion". Initial presentation: The mutilated fetus (still in her abdomen) was extracted: Photo of the gangrenous bowel and the woman's perforated...
  6. tenguix

    Fraser Syndrome | Menstrual Blood Drainage

    Interesting specimen here. Fraser Syndrome is ... A fifteen-year-old girl presented with Fraser Syndrome & a mass in the lower abdomen. These photos show the developmental defects associated with the syndrome. Right cryptopthalmos: Syndactyly in both hands and both feet: Umbilical...