war dead

  1. Irishrepublic

    Irish Republican Army

  2. 24th_infantry

    Iwo Jima USMC battlefield photos

    These photos came from a Marine vet who fought and was wounded twice on Iwo Jima. He served with the 5th Engineer Battalion, 5th Marine Division. He was wounded March 4, 1945 and March 17, 1945. He brought home a few war trophies, one of them being a Jap good luck prayer book (seems it didn't...
  3. D

    Spanish burn nun

    Spanish communists tortured and burned the body of a Catholic nun near Seville Spain during the Spanish Civil War in the 1930s. I don't think these guys just like nuns and religion at all. :faganono:
  4. Pm Me Ur Clunge Plz

    War Second Liberian civil war - black on black killing

    I'm a bit tired of the Ukraine war to be honest, so here's a few cracking shots of black people killing each other during the second Liberian civil war. Child soldiers were regularly utilised as seen in the photos, 250,000 people had been killed and nearly 1 million had been displaced.
  5. Gargamel88

    War Death Ukrain Colgate Girl

  6. DeathHand

    ISIS Needs Virgins

    With the number of dead ISIS bodies recently stacking up, they are going to need more virgins for them... These ISIS militants died in a fierce battle which pitted them against units of the YPG (Kurdish People's Protection Units) and the SDF (the Syrian Democratic Forces). Along with the few...
  7. Kalgacus

    War Dead

    Suicide bombers, charred remains, high velocity rounds and hopefully no reposts. ...and shit, sorry its in the wrong fucking section!