woman murdered

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    Teens Rape|Kill 40Yro Mom

    A 40 year old married woman, a mother of 3 children, went out for a drink with a lady friend at their local bar. Sitting near them was a group of male teens who were drinking vodka and beer and carrying on. After a while the teens got up and left as a few of them said a few rude things to the...
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    University Student Killed By Ex

    A young female university student who was killed by her former boyfriend who stabbed her to death when she refused to get back with him. The dude then attempted suicide with a lousy attempt to cut his throat when he heard the woman's sister knocking on the front door. He passed out but...
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    Hi-Rez Female Autopsy (4)

    Over the years China has proven to be a great source of HQ images of autopsies - male and female. Usually, however, there is no background information about the case and they are difficult to trace back to their originating source/site. Anyways, this set has no background info (date is a...
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    Naked & Slashed

    This woman checked into a hotel with a male companion. A little while later the male reportedly left in a hurry, without the woman. A maid, who became suspicious, went up to check the room and found the woman dead with a slashed throat, deep stab wound to her abdomen and lying naked in a large...
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    Qandeel Baloch Honour Killing

    Fouzia Azeem (Urdu: فوزیہ عظیم‎; March 1, 1990 – July 15, 2016), better known by the name Qandeel Baloch (Urdu: قندیل بلوچ‎), was a Pakistani model, actress, feminist activist and social media celebrity. Baloch rose to prominence due to her videos discussing her daily routine and various...
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    Woman: Multiple Stabs to Face

    This woman was found dead with numerous stabs wounds to her face and her body. She was wearing only a bra and shorts. Neighbours reported seeing a young male around her residence but no arrests have been made. Tlapehuala, Mexico, Feb. 29, 2016. 1. 2.
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    Sea of Blood

    This woman was reportedly murdered by two of her husband's brothers who diced her up with machetes. Anambra, Nigeria, Nov. 6, 2015. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7.
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    Woman Murdered & Fried

    The charred remains of a woman. Phu Bandon, Thailand, Feb. 26, 2016. 1. 2. Ass shot... 3. 4. Boring...
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    Woman Murdered, Decapitated

    Not much info on this one. I added a map of where this place is because I've only heard of it because of some stamps I have...and not sure how many others have heard of this country. Pompidou, Gabon, Sept. 27, 2015. 1. 2. 3. 4.
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    Female Teacher Throat Slashed

    This woman was a 57 year old teacher who was attacked at her home and had her throat slashed open. No motive or possible suspects were reported but police did state that this murder might have been a 'revenge' killing (without further explanation). Morera, Mexico, May 4, 2015. 1. 2. 3.
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    Wine Bottle In Vagina

    These images go back almost 10 years and some members may have seen a few of them (although watermarked by some obscure site). The photos are of a 25 year old woman who did some drinking with a few fellas and appears to have consented to having sex with one or more of them (this was how the...
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    Another Female Torso

    This is the torso of a woman, found in a canal. Thailand, Nov 8, 2015 1. 2. 3. 4.
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    Brazil's Bodies & Blood 2

    Brazil's Bodies & Blood 2 The bodies in Brazil stack up like homework...with no end in sight...just bodies 'n blood. Also check out my other Brazil threads at: Brazil: Dose of Death - Brazil: Dose of Death | Goregrish Brazil's Bodies & Blood 1 - Brazil's Bodies & Blood 1 | Goregrish Set 1...
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    Decomposing Woman

    The body of this woman was found in a vacant building. She had been raped and then murdered before being dumped in a wet construction trench. Sorry, only one photo available. Caxuxa, Brazil, June 6, 2015. 1.