woman raped

  1. DeathHand

    Hi-Rez Female Autopsy (5)

    Another female rape-murder victim who gets the complete on-scene orifice examination. Of particular interest seems to have been the cigarette ashes in her ass crack and in vaginal area. :entertained: China 2018. Set 1. 1. Ass up face down...? 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. That pube kinda...
  2. DeathHand

    Rape Victim Laid Out

    No pun intended - I know, it was a bad one... This young Thai woman was raped in her apartment and left stretched out on her bed. Thailand, 2014 1. Ok necros - chill out... 2. Ha. 3. 4. Is that a pubie curl or a coat hook?
  3. DeathHand

    Woman Raped & Strangled

    This young woman, 22 teays old, had been missing and was later found dead. Her clothing had been torn and strongly suggested that she had been raped before being strangled to death. Ozeias, Brazil, Oct. 20, 2015. 1. 2. 3.
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    This 32 year old woman was offered a ride home on the motorbike of a local 22 year old male. Instead, the male took her to a secluded area where he proceeded to raped her. He then strangled her to death with her pants before trying to bury her body. It's extremely rare to see 'murder/gore'...
  5. DeathHand

    50 Yro Leper Raped

    Sorry, only 1 pic available and an oldie at that. This 50 year old woman, suffering from leprosy, was kicked off of a train that she had been on and left to fend for herself. She was intercepted on her way to a hospital by one or males and raped. Her open wounds from the leprosy were...