world war two

  1. DeathHand

    War WW2: Dead American | British | Canadian Soldiers

    Always seems that gore sites have a thread or two on dead German soldiers from WW1 and/or WW2, but rarely one on any of the Allied losses. These won't be brand new images, most will recognize them, some will be new, but I'm going to group them all into one thread. Images of US dead are not...
  2. DeathHand

    War WW2 Bombers: KO'ed

    As a kid, I loved anything military. One of my first drawings, when I was abt 6, was of a WW1 British Sopwith Camel. After that it was always Tiger tanks and Shermans (I built many, many models of them too) I never had any dreams though of being a war pilot or even a tanker - I wanted to be...
  3. Ivan Drago

    War Black & White Hell On Earth 2

    Jews who had been used for slave labor in Neunburg, now lying dead on the forest floor with a soldier standing over them. Watched by former inmates of the Buchenwald concentration camp, Czech doctors examine an emaciated Hungarian Jew, following the camp¿s liberation, Weimar, Germany, April...
  4. DeathHand

    War WW2 Tanks: KO'ed

    Thousands of military servicemen on all sides of World War Two lost their lives when the enemy took out their armored vehicles (tanks, half tracks, troop carriers, self propelled guns, etc). This thread will be mostly about tanks but will include other types of mobile armored vehicle. In the...
  5. DeathHand

    Remains of Dead WW2 Soldiers

    In July of 1942, German troops were on the move in the western Caucasus region of Soviet Union. The Red Army was dug in and proved difficult to dislodge. The German army was thinly spread out for miles along the battle front hoping to reach and take the oil fields in the area. The Germans...
  6. DeathHand

    War WW2: Dead German Soldiers

    First off, I'd like to ask others that might have photos to add to this thread to hold off a wee bit until I get more of what I have processed and uploaded. That way we can lower the chances of reposts. That'd be great and thanks :). ----------------------------------------------- World War...