1. MysteryTraveler

    Herta Kasparova Hanged at 23 Years of Age

    These images are of a Czech girl who lived during WWII and spoke Czech and German. She had a birth defect that caused her to walk with a limp. In her childhood and adolescence, she was mercilessly mocked by other children. Her bilingual skills made her valuable to the Gestapo and she translated...
  2. Donkeyd

    War Spy tree

  3. blackdog666

    War Unit 731

  4. Graziani


  5. DeathHand

    War WW2: Dead German Soldiers

    First off, I'd like to ask others that might have photos to add to this thread to hold off a wee bit until I get more of what I have processed and uploaded. That way we can lower the chances of reposts. That'd be great and thanks :). ----------------------------------------------- World War...