10 Most Horrific Russian Torture Devices

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putting bags over heads.
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Darn some of them look brutal not very orginal design imo but damn those russians where brutal back in those days from the looks of it. :) nice post

btw just some ads no virusses for me.


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It surprises me who inventive people can be do think up contraptions so terrible! People are a cruel race!


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I agree, most of these torture devices were not invented by Russians or only used by them.

There are some devices, which were never used for torture in the medieval (i.e. Iron Virgin) They were constructed much later for shock-value in the museums. I visited an exhibition about this topic in Nürnberg some years ago.


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peoples are the filth of universe...if you really that childish minded people...i recommed that you stay in that state and dream a fuckin butterflies and shit...and not noticing that world is fuckin sick place and humanity not even exist first place...but stay in fuckin dreamworld and let the evil world spin around itself...but yep those torturing devices are cool... i think its hilarious to see them in use :D :D :D i bet it was lot of LOLZ :D :D :D:swag: