12 yr old killed

If U ever needed the proof...That there's Totally Sick Bastards out there...Look no further folks...I couldn't gv a shit how she's dressed or what she did for attention;Even if she was selling fake Caps; She's twelve fkn years old, "A Child"...If your going to a twelve year old for your fix; The wrong person is laying there,I tell ya...DAMN!!!
Well maybe if that sweet little girl played with Barbies instead of bootie shorts and parents gave a fuck about raising there kids instead of just keeping them content things like this wouldn't happen. I see exactly how that went she got picked up by an older guy or she already knew this person, someone wanted more than some head from a little girl she didn't put out n she got merked lol!!! Idk makes sense in my own head I guess. I feel like a GG detective except I'm just guessing and I'll always be wrong lol!!!
Maybe...Or, u might've hit that nail,square on the head...SP