15 Year old girl stabbing bull calf


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Check out this sadistic little cunt. How come this sortyof thing is still allowed in a EU country? (Read the whole story)

Horror bullfight shows girl, 15, stabbing helpless calf for 'entertainment'

Another vid from th same place this time with a 17 year old lad doing it. I wish more of these cunts would get killed doing it. What the fuck is wrong with these people/

The animal endures at least seven more stabs before he collapses at the sick event in Esquivias, Spain.

The clip also shows children being presented with gruesome trophies – ears hacked from the dying calves, each of which was less than two years old.


Yoda Man
Looking at this 100% objectively, I kinda prefer this to a slaughter house. At least the bull has a chance to get its own licks in maybe even kill its would be killer. This is assuming the bull will be processed and eaten afterwords.

That being said, I'm surprised this is still practiced and had no idea people still killed bulls for entertainment.


I've watched several corridas in Barcelona, what I didn't like was that the bull got weakened a lot by stabs with lances by mounted men and it got 4 - 6 hooked spikes 'banderillos' in the back/neck. Without these preliminaries the torero wouldn't have much of a chance, the half-wild bull has much more power and endurance than a man.
At the end you could buy and eat the freshly grilled meat or the cojones of the bulls on the plaza outside, very tasty. Spanish relatives invited me to the fiesta and of course out of politeness and respect I did accept. It's not my taste though.