2 heads are better?


fuck the govt...
so if you were to bang the two headed child,would it be considered a threesome?
I guess when you can make them cum,its in stereo!
I don't believe this one.

Not just because I have seen these girls grow up...seen all the TV specials.
I even remember the bullshit story that went around a couple of years
back, suggesting that one of them was getting married. (They do have
two separate Driver's Licenses)

Its the pic itself.
Not only is there a serious issue with the girl's nose, but there is also some
obvious photo tampering. I do graphics and photo editing myself, so I have
learned how to spot some fakery, and this photo has a lot of issues.
There is some odd colouring and pixel overlapping on the girl's back.
Not to mention two areas of the bra that appear photoshopped
...and the very low res, high noise image, which is one of the first giveaways
of a poorly potoshopped image.
Just my two cents...but i smell bullshit on this one.




I've actually seen those girls. (From Minnesota). I have no doubt the picture is fake.
Does make you wonder what relationships with boys would be like though.
It`s clear to see the picture being completely fake.
I`ve seen all the series with these twins, and for sure they would never put them selves into a situation where a picture like this could be published. They are clever and wonderful girls, and of course they deserve a sex life, but a fake image like this really are a stupid thing to do. Give these two girls the right to get a life of their own, and show them all the respect in the world
They each have control over their half of the body. They have separate driver licenses. They've talked about how they had to learn to do things together. They are completely different people yet they share lungs, heart, stomach, etc. Things they xant control are shared. Things they can't, arent. They've talked about learning to tie their shoes together, learning to drive together... making two different hands work as one. They have different styles and also different taste in men. I saw somewhere they each had a boyfriend.
My question is how do they have sex? They have different boyfriends but they are both feeling it. Does one close her eyes? Or maybe where a blindfold? What about if one wants to go down on her man? The others head would also be bobbing up and down.