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20 Yro Found Dead in River

Discussion in 'Murder & Genocide Images' started by DeathHand, Jul 5, 2016.

  1. DeathHand

    DeathHand Let It All Bleed Out

    This young lady, 20 years old, was last seen leaving a beauty parlor that she worked at. That was on April 28, 2016. Her parents reported her as missing.

    A few local boys spotted a body floating in the Dihing River. The body turned out to be that of this woman.

    She had been kidnapped, raped and after an unsuccessful attempt to burn her body was dumped into the river.

    Two young men have been charged in her death.

    Lama Gaon, India, May 3, 2016 (date body was found)


    2. Snagged...



    5. Yes, it's the same body as above.
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  2. Ra's Al Ghul

    Ra's Al Ghul Connoisseur of the Dead


    Champa Chettri, a 20-year-old resident of the Margherita town in the Tinsukia district of Assam, went missing on 28 April.

    Her family raised an alarm after she failed to return from the beauty parlour where she used to work. Days later, local boys spotted an object floating in the Dihing River near Lama Gaon and informed the police.

    On 3 May, Chettri's charred and decomposed body was recovered from the river. It was found that Chetri had been kidnapped and raped, after which an unsuccessful attempt was made to burn her body before it was dumped into the river.
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  3. DeathHand

    DeathHand Let It All Bleed Out

    Ya, pretty much the same thing...

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  4. jimbob

    jimbob Yorkshire born n bred

    poor cow
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  5. rottenfresh

    rottenfresh ummmmm, You smell that?

    She's got those fuckin water-logged tresses, definitely not salon quality like Ron Burgundy. :whoa:
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  6. McM

    McM Krautnigger

    She gained some 'weight' around the butt in the water. :eek:
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  7. zinfandel

    zinfandel The hair-flip of death

    Water cleans, water beautifies and purifies. Unless you die in it. Then it does the opposite. :blegh:
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  8. DeathsDoor

    DeathsDoor Knock Knock

    Lovely colours.

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  9. Frankie1234

    Frankie1234 Rookie

    Fucking bastards, hope she was already dead when they was trying to burn her? What was they using to try and burn her fucking fags? Ever heard of petrol???
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  10. DeathsDoor

    DeathsDoor Knock Knock

    Waste of food if you ask me...
    Sharks always need a snack.
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  11. OneSickOne

    OneSickOne Kinky as a twisted chain

    What a waste.
  12. Honest One


    And she kept her shoes on. :golfclap:
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  13. 1fktmind

    1fktmind The meaning of life is that it stops.

    And her new haircut, i thought it was for men only...
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  14. DeathHand

    DeathHand Let It All Bleed Out

    Good one...

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  15. DeadZone

    DeadZone Don't let fear decide your fate

    "They went thatta way"
  16. Airbornemama

    Airbornemama Something Ironic...

    She was found on my birthday:(
  17. tero

    tero GOREBABY

    Is that her hair clumped on top of her midline area?

    VIIIXIII Hush Super Moderator

    More like a waste of WOOD. Shit... they were half way to a sick raft!
  19. Kal-Stone

    Kal-Stone Lurker

    Looking attractive bait of predators feeding rape and murder.