22 year old Ukrainian girl , Anastasia Levada, dies in her sleep in Moscow.

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She could have been a pill popper or something.
same... i feel so too..!!

My thoughts, as well.

Someone could've slipped something into her drink and inadvertently killed her.
exactly! she drugged by choice or by subterfuge! maybe.. who knows.. intriguing. and shame i can't read russian. Last evening, there are some articles i found on DR on her.. can't read em.

Why would she go thru the trouble to better her life just to drug out, makes zero sense.
yeah .. she seemed to be a hardworking girl trying to make a change. get some good job and education.. why derail into drugs...

Someone wanted to get rapey with the new chick.
i think Alice Ayres has a workable angle..maybe she was drugged, and it was too much on her system! Who knows?!

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Why would she go thru the trouble to better her life just to drug out, makes zero sense.
Shit happens. People party in their off time and sometimes die partying. Alcohol combined with too much of something or combined with a combination of drugs can kill. It makes plenty of sense.

Just because somebody is working and/or going to school to better themselves doesn't mean they don't make mistakes drinking, drugging and associating with the wrong people.


Found this on an online Chat room a week or more ago, forgot to post here earlier!

22 yr old Anastasia Levada was from Chernihiv, Ukraine. She had travelled to Moscow , Russia in search of further studies// internship// employment (I'm really not sure thanks to horrible translations.)
It seems she was looking for a course /education where she would learn, and have the time off to work .. she worked as a waitress somewhere.

She died in her sleep, was found dead and non- responsive in her dormitory//hostel room.

Many consider it could be a drug/ alcohol based death due to overdose or something like that.. but the Russian news has kept quiet simply saying it was unfortunate that she passed away in her sleep.

would be glad if others could provide social media profile/ other additional information:

Anastasia Alive:

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Anastasia Dead:

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Her boyfriend stop her heart. Poor girl

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Graziani said:
May have had a cardiac arrest or stroke.

Indeed, obviously she had cardiac arrest...she's dead.
Cardiac arrest or a stroke is only the result and sequela of an underlying pathology...or drugs.

Seeing as how she was 22 years old and of a slim body habitus, it would be extremely rare that she had an underlying pathology.

The most likely cause of her death was probably drugs...specifically, opiates.