3 naked women were 'air drying' at Florida rest stop before chase, crash (1 Viewer)

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Three naked Florida women told a trooper they were “air drying” at a rest area after showering on Wednesday, but they didn’t stick around to explain much more, troopers said.

As the trooper gathered details at the Interstate 75 northbound rest stop in Pasco County, the women ran to a Nissan Sentra and drove off on the highway around 11 a.m., according to a news release from Florida Highway Patrol. The trooper chased after them but gave up because the pursuit didn’t meet Highway Patrol guidelines, the news release said.

Soon the women headed east on State Road 52 and another trooper spotted their vehicle, which was driving recklessly and at times in the wrong direction, troopers said. That second trooper chased the white 2009 Sentra and used StarChase projectiles on the vehicle, which allowed officers to hang back while still tracking the vehicle, Highway Patrol said.

Troopers tracked the car to the parking lot of a convenience store on State Road 52, and a trooper tried to arrest one of the women as they left the store and returned to their vehicle, Highway Patrol said. During the attempted arrest, the woman driving the car intentionally drove straight at the trooper, “who had to disengage and jump back to avoid being struck by the car,” according to the news release.
One woman then got out of the car, armed with a metal bat to attack the trooper, Highway Patrol said. An officer who saw that the trooper “was in imminent danger” rammed into the Nissan, and the women again drove off down State Road 52, troopers said.

Dade City police officers helped hobble the women’s vehicle by deploying stop sticks, which popped their right side tires, according to troopers. A trooper then used a PIT maneuver — forcing the driver to suddenly turn sideways and lose control — to stop the car in Dade City.
The women locked arms in the car and “continued to actively resist arrest,” so a trooper broke the car’s windows, troopers said. The three were tasered, arrested and taken to the Pasco County Jail.

Highway patrol identified the women as driver Oasis Mcleod, 18, and passengers Jeniyah Mcleod and Cecilia Young, both 19. They face charges of fleeing to elude, resisting arrest and aggravated assault, according to the news release.

Troopers released a recording of a call reporting the naked women.
I’m the custodian here,” a caller at the rest area told dispatchers. “They’re on the northbound side of the building, all three of them standing in the nude putting on suntan lotion.”

Later in the call, man explained how he found out about the women before the chase.

“The only reason why I know that is because I was inside cleaning and a lady told me there were three women out there in the nude,” he said.

Several troopers were injured in the encounter, Highway Patrol said.
Naked women ‘air drying’ at Florida rest stop tried running over trooper, cops say


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Why do I get the feeling that they looked like this?

Edit: thank god I got this off of google images and not "chubbyloving.com" If this specimen is their pick of the litter, I'm officially scared.


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what the fuck is wrong with floridians? other than the heat and nasty humidity,yet another reason why i don't want to retire to florida. other than it being dubbed,"gods waiting room"!

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I remember years ago being in bumper to bumper traffic on Interstate 4 on a Saturday, around 5:00 PM there was this couple, dude and girl, both butt naked inside a BMW and she was poking out of the sunroof shaking them big ol fake tittes, cars filled with kids going to the Disney parks and shit. My then 13-year old son almost had a heart attack from all his blood redirecting to his ding dong LOL it was fucking crazy. took about 15 minutes to get to the next exit and there were about a dozen cop cars waiting for their stupid asses and get them arrested. It was so Florida!!

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