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3 very smart killers

Discussion in 'Murder & Genocide Images' started by Mental Puppy, Jan 10, 2018.

  1. Mental Puppy

    Mental Puppy Mors Est Salus Moderator

    Woman suspected of spying for rival drug gang was kidnapped with a bag over the head, but instead of driving to a secluded location to finish her off they stopped next to a public street and in plain view of a number of witnesses they executed her.

    After the fact they entered their vehicle again and sped off, only to be captured 6 blocks away, due to the police receiving numerous calls from witnesses about the make, model and plate numbers of their vehicle.

    26168791_1898201226875770_6399073673936459337_n.jpg 26173241_1943832268992698_2171336045400037112_o.jpg 26173956_1593337824087729_2062849822666345824_o.jpg 26229412_1898200816875811_6627583869746425848_n.jpg 26232272_1593337734087738_2103940736483802130_o.jpg 26167555_340866922985643_5939451750867820684_n.jpg 26169020_340866876318981_7462862403699074488_n.jpg 26230868_340866836318985_3116689641001025744_n.jpg
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  2. Equal Hater

    Equal Hater Unbannable by decree!

    Love their "I don't give a fuck" look on their faces.
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  3. Walshy50

    Walshy50 Rookie

    More thinking number 1 oops my bed 2 yes I am the hardest of the three number 3 iamma gonna get raped
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  4. rottenfresh

    rottenfresh ummmmm, You smell that? Morbid Mania

    O they will give a fuck or two or more in prison !:heythar:
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  5. LoriDawn

    LoriDawn Lurker

    Love me some foolish criminal's...some are dumb from birth, some aquired their dumbness with time, burned out brain cells and then there is a special kind,these ones can have a genius IQ and because they're so brilliant they "wont ever get caught"...except being overly confident gets your dumb ass,big ego caught.
    The latter one is probably my favorite but damnit I love them all.

    Wait for it
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  6. gman

    gman Free Shrugs©

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  7. tero

    tero GOREBABY

    Typical Cartel members?:beatadeadhorse::death:
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  8. LaLa317

    LaLa317 Lurker

    Blind leading the blind:lala:
  9. Smokinrav

    Smokinrav Fucking asshole pot smoker

    Doin' it Isis in iraq style
  10. Grand Mal Caesar

    Grand Mal Caesar Fresh Meat

    If you scroll down to the top the Adidas logo in the second to last pic, it looks like the guy in the last pic is wearing a little sombrero.
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  11. McM

    McM Krautnigger

    Yes, like the hat on a tequila bottle.

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  12. Burnt Offerings

    Burnt Offerings Rookie

    Proud graduates from the Aaron Hernandez School of Thuggin'.
  13. msr

    msr Here pikey pikey, swallow mah cawk.

    Victor Hugo tat on the last punk, what is up there? I would not have thought that Hugo was the criminal model type.
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  14. Stryker

    Stryker Banned

    Should have done her in the jungle