35% of adult Moldovian women sold as sex slaves (1 Viewer)


Nowhere is this trafficking worse than it is in Moldova, Olga’s home, where experts estimate that since the fall of the Soviet Union between 200,000 and 400,000 women have been sold into prostitution.
Ethnic Albanian rebels in Kosovo, Macedonia and south Serbia — long the masters of drug running in the Balkans — are deeply involved in the human smuggling business, using the flesh trade to fund their separatist movements.

Luisa, a 32-year-old single Moldovan mother whose neighbor persuaded her to accept a job in Italy and “marry a rich Roman,” found herself repeatedly raped by her “owner,” Dilaver Bojku, an ethnic Albanian trafficking kingpin from Velesta.


Disgusting. Words cant describe how angry this type of thing makes me. You know the main sellers and buyers in the sex trade, right? Jews and Muslims. Israel is a haven for sex traffickers, with illegal brothels full of unwilling women all over the place. Same with any country with a large Muslim population.


I have no probs with women sold into slavery. 90% of them enjoy it anyways, according to various studies.

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