5 Most horrifying bugs in the world


groovy chicken
A spider flew out from the shower curtain and I nearly pissed myself...I'd pass out if I saw one of those guys.


Seriously,my aracnaphobia is that bad I would rather these bugs any day over spiders!!I have seen huntsman looking spiders the size of dinner plates while out camping here in Australia and im f*cking terrified!If i ever find one of them behind my shower curtain I will have a heart attack!
Although those huge hornets are pretty f#cked up...eek!
I was asleep last month and I dreamt i was being ticked on my stomach and chest, I woke up and there WAS something crawling under my t-Shirt, it was also scratching me. I lifted up my shirt and there was this fucking gigantic cockroach staring at me....for a split second neither of us moved...we just stared at each other in disbelief...then all fucking hell broke loose!! He ran, I leaped in the air with a scream. and the mother of all fights to the death began......he had some moves, but I proved to be the better man on the day!!


Millipedes. It's millipedes for me. Makes my skin crawl. Ugh.
Who says "Hey, let's get this ugly black thing with a thousand legs for a pet" one day?

A skunk for a pet I can see. They are cute, act like cats and are playful. That's my idea of an exotic animal. Millipede? No thanks.