6 Dead in Minneapolis workplace shooting


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This happened last Thursday at Accent Signage Systems Inc. on Chestnut Ave. W. in the Bryn Mawr area of Minneapolis, near Interstate 394 and Penn Avenue. The first shots were reported at around 4:30 in the afternoon.
Right now there is a great deal of conflicting/duplicated information circling around, but there are currently five dead- six, counting the shooter, 36-year-old Andrew Engeldinger- and two others are still in the hospital at this point, with one (John Souter) in serious condition and the other (Eric Rivers) in critical condition, in what is being called the deadliest workplace shooting in Minnesota history.


The victims:
Rami Cooks, 62, of Minnetonka

Keith Basinski, 50, of Spring Lake Park. A 29-year employee of UPS, Basinski was visiting Accent Signage on a routine stop.

Ronald Edberg, 58, of Brooklyn Center

Jacob Beneke, 34, of Maple Grove

Reuven Rahamim, 61, of St. Louis Park. Rahamim, who immigrated to the U.S. from Israel 30 years ago, was the owner and founder of Accent Signage.

The shooter:
36-year-old Accent Signage employee Andrew Engeldinger who was let go due to poor performance and repeated tardiness. He had been previously reprimanded about his performance and tardiness issues shortly before the shooting, and according to his family had a history of mental illness. Authorities are saying he did have a permit to carry a handgun, had legally purchased two 9 mm Glock handguns about a year ago, and had no prior criminal record. After shooting his coworkers, he went into the basement of the building and shot himself in the head.



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I get a kick out of these guys. The go in shooting because they fucked up and can't understand why they got fired. In their delusional state they blame the guy who fired them. :merp:


I am baffled that he had A mental illness that others were aware of yet he was still allowed A permit to carry A hand gun! Unreal
thats ok its up to the others to stop him what they dont have guns awwww guess there now victums as it should be......