60 Severed Heads Found On Southwest Jet



LITTLE ROCK, Ark. -- Authorities are investigating the discovery of a box filled with human heads on a Southwest airline jet.

An employee made the grim discovery inside a box bound for Fort Worth.

"It wasn't labeled or packaged properly," Southwest spokeswoman Ashley Rogers told reporters.

"They called the local authorities."

The Little Rock police then turned the gruesome package over to the county coroner.

The heads, which are being stored at the Pulaski County morgue, were being shipped by JLS Consulting LLC of Conway, Ark., to Fort Worth.

Turns out the heads were en route to Fort-Worth based company Medtronic Powered Surgical Solutions for medical research.

But the Pulaski County authorities want to ensure no laws were broken.

"We have issues of human body parts being transported throughout the country via here in Arkansas," said Garland Camper with the Pulaski County Coroner.

"There is an underground market for these things and we want to make sure we haven't stumbled upon some type of underground market."

"We understand there is a need and a want for human body parts," Camper said.

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An underground market for human heads? What they gonna do with them make Auschwitz collectible shrunken heads for holocaust museums.


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pulaski country where? and thats awesome! was it american heads? mexican drug war shit? or what? someone try to keep up to date with this story for us!