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sclinge1 7 months ago
Before both her personal and business Facebook pages were made unviewable or removed, I spent an hour on them reading her posts and watching her videos. She believes that when she was driving, a hundred cars were following her and were all after her. She took a lot of videos of cars that drove by her home, or stopped in the street near her home - and she said they were all "watching her". She believes a human-traffickers are out to get her and everyone she cares about. She hears a voice talk to her that she calls "Creator". She also believed a dog spoke to her. She also associates with extra-terrestrials. She has been committed for psychiatric help in the past, and posted a little while ago that she stopped taking her medication. This isn't just some angry woman ranting; this is a person with psychological problems (I will guess bipolar and schizophrenia) who is not getting the help she needs to have (her meds that she stopped taking). Before all this recently happened, people left business reviews saying how wonderful and sweet she was. That's the Cassandra we should be concerned with and want to have back, not the sick one in the video who needs to get herself help again. I hope that her friends and family are taking care of her right now, and getting her back on her medication.
I figured that a mentally ill woman with bi-polar and other mental disorders off her meds.

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