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this is pretty fucked up, I bet this asian was in a dojo the next week

"Police are investigating the beating of a male teen in the wake of a disturbing YouTube video that shows a prolonged attack in a Bridgeport alley.

The videotaped assault happened shortly between 4 p.m. and 4:20 p.m. Sunday in the 2800 hundred block of South Princeton Avenue, Chicago police told CBS 2.

The 17-year-old victim was jumped by seven offenders and was robbed of his gym shoes, wallet and money, police said.

It’s not clear who recorded the 3-minute, 39-second video. It shows several youths chasing, punching and kicking the victim. The faces of most of the offenders are not visible, but they appear to be in the age range of the youth they are attacking.

The victim was treated and released at Mercy Hospital.

Area 1 detectives are investigating, police said.

A YouTube link sent to CBS 2 Monday evening was later disabled. A separate posting of the same video later appeared."

Edit: Chicago Tribune has reported that they currently have the suspects in for questioning.

Some info picked up from the comments:
Suspected Attackers:
WESLEY WU – grey hoodie, main kid attacking the man EASLEY WU – big puffy jackey with fur hood, blue striped adidas pants RAYMOND PALOMINO – white guy with no mask TODD RAMOS – grey and black hoodie JOHNNY LI – blue hoodie and blue snap back on DANNY HUI – dressed in all black

The girl who apparently filmed the incident and her take on the situation. My take on it is that her story about this kid being involved in a previous beating is a bunch of BS, I think they found the first "FOB" they could and beat him in retaliation:


silent ghost
well,it wasnt racist. the names were mostly asian/chineese,so... boys will be boys!
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