$765 A Bottle Beer.


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$765 A Bottle Beer.

WTF!!!Link. Ya got to click on the link to see the bottle!

You think a bottle of beer for $765 is weird? Wait till you see how it is packaged!! According to Scottish firm BrewDog, “The End of History” is the “strongest (55% alcohol), most expensive and most shocking beer in the world.”

Just 12 bottles were made and the company has already sold out. They will be shipped out to buyers in the United States, Canada, Italy, Denmark, Scotland and England next week.

The dead animals which were used to create the beers’ unusual appearance were four squirrels, seven weasels and a hare. All were roadkill, James Watt, co-founder of BrewDog, said defensively.


totally shitposter, with Dunning–Kruger effect
well i believe they are not really selling the taste with that price. nothing special i guess