8-year-old girl hacked up.. and lived!


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well i will stay in flame area then ..fuck it ...period much ? i seem only to have a problem with you ,you couldnt be that anal ? could you love ?


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Sad isn't the word.

For a moment she looked like she was alive in that first pic, very chilling.

Really there isn't a name you can gave to someone who could do that to a child.

well i will stay in flame area then ..fuck it ...period much ? i seem only to have a problem with you ,you couldnt be that anal ? could you love ?
oldcunt, surely you can see there is a borderline pedo remark in that comment you made about Torque Button? That sort of thing isn't even allowed in FLH, where that comment above belongs.
This is my first post, and I just had to post this. For some reason after looking at all these different pictures from different incidents, this one bothered me the most. I think its because of how young she was, and how full of life she looked in the "normal" picture when she was all dressed up and happy. So I decided to track this store down since no information was given. I did a "reverse image lookup" on the web by copying the normal picture, and searching the web on it. Came back with 6 results. I tried all 6 links, and they all track back to websites in Chinese. I had to know more about the story. Then I noticed a google button that said "translate", and after hitting that button, I finally got the story on the girl. Good news is that she survived after going into a coma. But sadly enough, she is psychologically changed for life (I'm not surprised). The guy who did this was a 15 yr old punk who was a burglar. I upload a file that has the story.


I forgot to say, the title should be changed. She lived . . . and when I read the story, I went back to the pictures and looked carefully. It actually looks like she is still alive by her eyes, but the eyes tell the story though of what she went through

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Well, thanks to Pierre we have some good news! She is alive. On the downside, women are treated like less respect than donkey shit in those parts of the world, let alone this poor child who's going to be too fucked up in the head to begin with but also teased and fucked with for the rest of her life to pile up more on top of her. Good news is, she could definitely train chefs at Benihana without fear of side effects from a mistake. Or she could be a ninja too.